Comfortbatt R-14 16-in for 2x4 studs

Batt Insulation


ROCKWOOL Comfortbatt R-14 16" for 2' x 4' studs

ROCKWOOL COMFORTBATT is a semi-rigid stone wool batt insulation for exterior wood and steel stud applications in both new construction and renovations. It features a unique flexible edge designed to compress as the batt is inserted then spring back, expanding the batt against the frame studs to give a complete fill. This flexibility ensures the expected R-value is achieved and maintained.Non-combustible and fire resistant, COMFORTBATT will not develop toxic smoke or promote flame spread, even when exposed directly to a fire. It is also offers water and moisture resistance and excellent sound absorbency.COMFORTBATT is an effective way to improve a home's energy efficiency. It is GREENGUARD Gold Certified and contributes to a healthier indoor environment.

  • Fire resistant due to its high melting temperature of 11770C (21500F)
  • Excellent sound absorbency
  • Water and moisture resistant; does not absorb moisture to maintain insulating value
  • Easily cut
  • Does not rot or promote growth of fungi or mildew
  • Covers: 59.7ft2 (5.55 m2), Thickness: 3 1/2 (89 mm), Width: 15 < " (387 mm), Length: 47 (1194 mm), 12 pieces per package