Duro-Crete - Summer Grade

Concrete Repair

Duro-Crete is a high performance, pre-packaged, concrete repair mortar for partial depth repairs. It is a rapid-setting, cementitious, repair mortar containing hydraulic cements, well-graded, natural, fine aggregate and other carefully selected components.

• Improved workability and finishability
• Rapid-setting
• Improved early age strength development
• Excellent resistance to freeze-thaw cycling
• Enhances performance of cathodic protection system

• Partial depth rehabilitation of concrete beams, columns, and/or soffits in bridges, parking garages, balconies or other concrete structures 

• Galvanic anode applications including new construction and rehabilitation 

Place Duro-Crete at a minimum thickness of 6 mm (¼ inch) and a maximum thickness of 38 mm (1½ inches) 

Yield: 25 KG (55 lb) bag contains approximately 0.012 m3 (0.42 ft3) 

Working Time: 10 minutes 

Set Time: 25 minutes 

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