Euco Speed Crete Red Line

Concrete Repair

SPEED CRETE RED LINE is a rapid-setting, cement-based concrete and masonry repair mortar. SPEED CRETE RED LINE is a proprietary formulation of blended portland cements, finely processed selected aggregates, and specific chemical additives that undergo a chemical "hyper hydration" and produces a stable, low permeability, cementitious matrix. SPEED CRETE RED LINE can be “shaved” for detailed repairs. 

•   Interior and exterior
•   Vertical and overhead repairs
•   Used at no slump consistency
•   Outstanding repair material for concrete pipe, formed and precast concrete

Yield: One 50 lb (22.7 kg) bag yields approximately 0.47 ft³ (0.013 m³) when mixed with 5.5 qt (5.2 L) water 

Working time: 10 minutes 

Set time: 30 minutes 


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