Kwik Post

Concrete Repair, Premixed

A perfectly proportioned blend of high quality Portland Cement, Concrete Sand, dry crushed aggregate and a special set accelerator.


Suitable for a variety of "fast setting" applications such as the setting of posts and poles. The set time (initial set in approximately 5 minutes) allows for placing and setting without the use of bracing. Kwik Post may also be used (in small quantities) as a fast setting Concrete for pouring Slabs.

Features and Technical Data

  • Pre-blended and ready to use - just add water.
  • Allows for same day construction of fences and decks.
  • Pour and hours later nail and install.
  • Exceeds ASTM C-387 specification for strength when mixed according to directions.
  • Backed by Independent Quality Control Tests.
  • IN 66 LB (30 KG) BAGS: 56 PER SKID