Concrete Repair

Redi-Plug is a pre-packaged, fast-setting, concrete repair mortar containing industrial hydraulic cements. It is designed to set within 30 seconds under normal job-site conditions.

• Sets within 30 seconds 
• Easy to use; just add water 
• Non-metallic and does not contain calcium chlorides, plasters or gypsum 
• Superior bond; will not wash-out 
• Durable to hot or cold temperatures 
• Colour similar to concrete grey 
• Repairs leaks in concrete sewer pipes, manholes, catch basins, tanks or any other concrete or masonry surfaces

Placing: Once pliable, form into a ball and pack into the repair area without delay. Hold in place for 1 to 2 minutes, to ensure that full bond has taken place. Mix only what can be placed within a 10 to 15 second time limit, as the product will start to harden, especially in warm temperatures. 

Yield: 20 KG (44 lb) pail contains approximately 0.013 m3 (0.46 ft3) 


King Concrete Products