TerraCraft Signature Collection

Natural Stone Veneer

The Signature Collection from TerraCraft® Natural Stone provides the largest sized natural stone panels on the market. Our exclusive modern collection melds the traditional rugged look of stone with unique colorways, creating a high impact, large format stone panel that is perfectly suited in both classic or contemporary design applications. Include the Signature Collection from TerraCraft® Natural Stone in your commercial or residential project. It is perfectly suited for nearly any application, whether it be creating a interior striking feature wall or adding unique character to the exterior of a project.  

Stone Sizes (H x L x W):

     - Flat: 9” x 24” x 1"

     - Corner: 9” x 12” x 1"

Corner Style: Edged 

Available Colors: 4

     - Copper Mountain (Limestone)

     - Dark Mountain (Limestone)

     - Honeysuckle (Travertine)

     - Northern Lights (Limestone) 

Canadian Stone