ThinCut Natural Stone - Dimensional

Natural Stone Veneer

Dimensional from ThinCut™ Natural Stone Veneer is a quality high-end modern stone that is perfectly suited for any contemporary design. Dimensional provides an elegant look featuring a puzzle-like pattern with clean lines. While providing a clean look, this stone manages to incorporate the rugged yet natural feel of stone. Stocked in one color, Rustic Cedar Dimensional ranges from a neutral blend of whites, creams, and soft yellows with a hint of blue and gray veining. The distinctive appearance of Rustic Cedar Dimensional is sure to deliver a timeless feel to any exterior or interior environment.

Available in limited quantities - Blue River Dimensional, get your hands on this popular stone while supplies last! Blue River Dimensional features a color range of light blues and grays and is an all time favourite! 

Stone Sizes:

     - Length: Random up to 24"

     - Height: 2¼", 5" & 7¾"

     - Thickness: Approximately 1"

     - Corners: Available

     - Sawn on top & bottom, with split ends & split-face

Stocked Colors: 2

     - Rustic Cedar

     - Blue River (limited quantities available)


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