ThinCut Natural Stone - Dimensional Tumbled

Natural Stone Veneer

Dimensional Tumbled from ThinCut™ Natural Stone Veneer is a quality high-end contemporary stone that features uniquely enhanced edges. Like Random Height Tumbled, this stone goes through a final tumbling process which creates softened edges & muted colors, giving the stone a more aged feel. Available in one color, Rockport Blend Dimensional Tumbled is a signature stone with a modern look. The color palette ranges from warm blue-grays to cool grays and buff tones and the authentic tumbled finish evokes a fresh yet classic look. 

Stone Sizes:

     - Length: Random up to 24"

     - Height: 2¼", 5" & 7¾"

     - Thickness: Approximately 1"

     - Corners: Available

     - Sawn on top & bottom, tumbled with split ends & split-face

Stocked Colors: 1

     - Rockport Blend

Canadian Stone