ThinCut Natural Stone - Ledgestone

Natural Stone Veneer

Ledgestone from ThinCut™ Natural Stone Veneer is a modern yet timeless thin stone veneer. Stocked in one color, Platinum Ledgestone features unique sawn heights and a lavish color palette ranging from light to dark blues and grays. Platinum Ledgestone evokes a high-end look and is the perfect contemporary stone choice for modern indoor/outdoor and residential/commercial applications. Generally, you will see Platinum Ledgestone used in a drystack application.

Available in limited quantities - Yukon Ledgestone, get your hands on this popular stone while supplies last! Yukon Ledgestone is a classic thin natural ledgestone and features a color range of deep rust to dark browns. 

Platinum Stone Size:

     - Length: Random up to 24"

     - Height: 2", 3" & 4"

     - Thickness: Approximately 1"

     - Corners: Available

     - 100% bed-face

Yukon Stone Size (limited quantities available):

     - Length: 5" to 20" Random

     - Height: 1" to 4" Random

     - Thickness: Approximately 1"

     - Corners: Available

     - 50% snapped and 50% natural bed-face

Canadian Stone