ThinCut Natural Stone - Random Height

Natural Stone Veneer

Random Height from ThinCut™ Natural Stone Veneer is an upscale classic yet modern thin stone veneer. Depending on how the stone is laid, this stone allows you to achieve either an elegant or rustic/unrefined look. Random Height is snapped and features heights created from the natural horizontal layers in the quarry formed millions of years ago. Available in a multitude of colors, Random Height from ThinCut™ Natural Stone Veneer offers a stone choice to perfectly complement any color palette in a modern indoor/outdoor and residential/commercial application.

More About Each Color:

- Blue River: Ranges from medium light to medium dark gray smoky tones.

- Brookhaven: Features a signature light blue and gray tones with minimal buff variegation.

- Weathered Fieldstone: Earthtoned palette complemented with subtle greens, chestnut browns and rust tones. Accented with moss & lichens.

- Willowbrook Brown Castlerock: Distinctive random square & rectangular shaped stones that feature chocolate browns complemented with subtle golds, olives, blue-grays and rust tones. 

Blue River & Brookhaven Stone Size:

     - Length: Random up to 24"

     - Height: 2" to 8"

     - Thickness: Approximately 1"

     - Corners: Available

     - 100% split-face

Weathered Fieldstone Stone Size:

     - Length: 5" to 15"

     - Height: 3" to 7"

     - Thickness: Up to 1½"

     - Corners: Available

     - 100% weathered edge

Willowbrook Brown Castlerock Stone Size:

     - Length: Random

     - Height: 4" to 10"

     - Thickness: Approximately 1"

     - Corners: Available

     - 100% bed-face

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