ThinCut Natural Stone - Random Height Tumbled

Natural Stone Veneer

Random Height Tumbled from ThinCut™ Natural Stone Veneer is identical to Random Height in specs & sizes, but features uniquely enhanced edges to complement a classic yet stylish design. This upscale stone goes through a final tumbling process to create softened edges & muted colors, giving the stone a more aged feel. Available in one color, Chateau Bay Random Height Tumbled is made of a blend of two signature products with colors ranging from cool to warm grays of Blue River to the lighter blue-gray tones with some buff variegation of Brookhaven. Evoking a high-end look, Random Height Tumbled is the perfect contemporary stone choice for a timeless indoor/outdoor and residential/commercial applications. 

Stone Sizes:

     - Length: Random up to 24"

     - Height: 2" to 8"

     - Thickness: Approximately 1"

     - Corners: Available

     - 100% Split Face

Stocked Colors: 1

     - Chateau Bay

Canadian Stone