Low Slope

Size: 39-3/8" x 23" (1 m x 7 m)

Coverage: 75.5 sq. ft. (7 m²)

Fibreglass reinforced self-adhesive cap sheet in a variety of attractive mineral surface colours, with release film on the back side. Three quarter square roll. May be used alone or in combination with Roof-Fast Base MA

For roof pitch no greater than 4/12

KO Roof-Fast Cap is a reinforced, self-adhering membrane (SAM) that has a release film on its reverse. This roofing product works great on its own or when used along with IKO Roof-Fast Base MA for any low-slope residential roofing system. IKO Roof-Fast Cap is available in a range of attractive mineral surface colors that currently includes Driftwood and Black.

What exactly is a “low-slope” roof? Most local building codes consider a roof to be low-slope when its pitch ranges from 4/12 and below, down to and including 2/12. Asphalt shingles, with certain application adjustments, can generally be installed down to slopes of 2:12. But for those lower slopes (from 2:12 down to 1/2:12) you’ll want a membrane system like Roof-Fast.

The important thing for homeowners to understand is that a low-slope roof can’t shed water as quickly as a steeper one can, so there’s a greater chance of water leaking through the roof during periods of prolonged, wind-driven rain. Also, in cold climates, water can back up and leak through shingled roofs if ice dams form at the eave.